Photoshoot Guidelines




Download the complete PDF here.



• Full Length Images - Be mindful not to crop off feet, hands or hair. We love to see the whole look from your beautiful curls to your gorgeous shoes.

• Classic Portrait - Head and shoulders shots, focus on beautiful make-up, hair, jewelry.

• Remember the pinup feature is about the pinup in the picture. The model must be the main focus.

• Please consider your composition leaving space above the image if you would like to submit for The Front Cover/back cover, also consider composition for the center fold image.



We have 3 key positions in the magazine to showcase our gorgeous pinups. All accepted submissions will be considered for COVER / BACK / CENTREFOLD and chosen after deadline closes by our editorial team.  When shooting for the centrefold remember to not put the subject in th middle of the page where the fold will be.



• Research – Look back, and be inspired by the classic poses of Old Hollywood starlets. Have a look at Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas Illustrations for posing and great pinup silhouettes.

• Keep it Classy, no Vulgar poses

• No Nudity, but implied nudity is ok

• Be mindful of your facial expressions - it's as important as your body posing.




• The editing is the cherry on the top, it can make or break your chances of getting published.

• Do not over edit/blur the skin to unrecognizable proportions. We still want to see the real you!

• Pay attention to detail.

• No "instagram-like" filters please.

• We do not crop or edit your images for you but always leave a small border around where you would crop it so that we have bleedings space to fit it into our format



We highly suggest working with an experienced creative team/photographer to increase your chances at being published, we have compiled a list of recommended professionals to help you on your journey.  Remember to credit all team members when submitting, include website/social media links where possible.



There are no set themes, unless we announce a future theme on our social media/ website. Retrospective Magazine is essentially a Pinup magazine with your own twist. Please keep this in mind with your shoot styling.


Classic Pinup Themes suggestions:

• Beach

• Boudoir

• 1950's Diner

• Pinups and Pups

• 1950's Housewife

• Nautical

• Summer time

• Holiday fun

• Military/ Army Girls

• Tiki

• Horror (not too gory!)

• Western

• Day of the Dead

• Garage Pinups & classic rides*

*(When shooting with Classic cars, we would love to see the car. Please respect the cars and the car owners.)



• Please pay special attention to your chosen location, make sure that it is era or scene specific.

• Make sure that your props and background work together to make an authentic pin up image.